Ringing in 2018 with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Every year the folks at Pantone choose their color of the year, and this year it is Ultra Violet. Now I’ve seen a lot of back and forth about whether or not Ultra Violet is the right choice for this year, and while Pantone described the color as “dramatically provocative and thoughtful,” there are some places that seem more excited about this color choice, and others that are decidedly less so

All that to say, for the next 12 months Ultra Violet is the color we have, so let’s start 2018 off embracing it. Below are some items in Ultra Violet that could look great in your space, with some styling suggestions. Click the image for more detail on the pieces, and happy 2018!

If you’re not shy of color, an Ultra Violet sofa is the way to go. This one has a classic shape, which can be used with black and white printed chairs, pops of yellows and teals. Or you can really lean into the color and paint the walls a deep navy and have the space be entirely shades of blues and purples - bold and very engaging.

A smaller, yet still substantive piece, this chair would look fantastic in so many spaces. I would like to see it with some dark wood coffee and accent tables and a light gray, contemporary sectional. Black and silver accents always work well with purple too.

Just because a rug tends to be a large item, doesn’t mean the color has to feel overwhelming. If you position living room furniture on the rug as opposed to floating off the rug, you’ll see less color, which may feel less overwhelming and like a good compromise if you tend to be color-shy. This rug in a dining room would also work well, especially with a reclaimed wood table and modern white chairs for an eclectic mix of styles.

Let’s say you’ve got a space where you’re looking for a pop of color to brighten things up. These lamps would make a great addition and are a good way for you to test out Ultra Violet without committing to something large like a sofa.

If you need an item to pull double duty, a pouf is a good one. This one would make a great seat and can serve as a table top, and in a playroom with other fun colors, Ultra Violet would be sure to fit in well.

Perhaps in 2018 you want to spice up your walls. This print would work in a variety of spaces, and against a neutral backdrop, all the colors in this print would be great as accents.

Maybe you find yourself with more black and white art. Can I interest you in a fun frame in Ultra Violet? While most people keep their frames to black, white, silver, gold and wood tones, framing is a great place to add color and visual interest to a room.

If you’re looking for just a hint of Ultra Violet, décor items are the best place for you. These pillows are an opportunity for texture, and using these along with various other textures like a sweater or fur pillow will add richness and fullness to a sofa, which is nice to have, particularly in the winter. When summer comes, then you can switch your pillows to lighter, brighter options, in both color and fabric.

Do you find yourself gravitating toward greenery? These vases would look fantastic as a centerpiece on a dining table with various types of greenery complementing the purple shade.

Last but not least, small candleholders can bring a minor amount of Ultra Violet to a side table, mantle or even a bathroom. This way you can embrace the color of the year if you’re not in the market for larger items.