Large Art Roundup

I love a gallery wall or art grouping just as much as the next person (I even wrote a blog about it with some tips you can find here), but one of the other things I like to do in a space is take a large piece and make it the focal point of the wall, or even the room. When I'm thinking large, I'm typically thinking at least 3' or larger...the bigger the better really, especially if you have the space for it! Some of the pieces below are ones that caught my eye - scroll through to take a look and read how I would design the space around the piece.

For the Kids

For a kid’s room or playroom, this 9’ square mural is a fantastic focal point. I would keep the walls a dark blue or navy (which is very helpful when trying to conceal tiny finger prints), and add white wall-mounted shelving or bookcases for extra storage. The many colors mean that a comfy gray couch can serve as a backdrop for throw pillows and floor pillows in varying textures and sizes that pull the pinks, greens and teals in from the mural.

For the World Traveler

This 4’ square print on wood reminds me of intricately designed Moroccan tiles, and I love the idea of placing this in a dining room. Against a light wall, painted such a light pink the wall almost looks white, with a dark wooden table and modern white chairs, you’ve got a coordinated, neutral backdrop to make this piece the place your eye goes.

For the Art Lover

If you’re going to go big, it’s typically going to be an investment, and this contemporary photograph is definitely that. I love this image, the composition and the colors, and if you’re an art lover, I see no better place for this than your living room. I would love to see this on a mantel of a Victorian style fireplace painted glossy black, against a room painted in light gray. White sofas and a marble coffee table keep the focus of the room on the piece and make your living room feel like your own little art gallery.

For the Abstract Fan

For me, this piece would be great in a bedroom. A tufted headboard, soft bedding and black and metal accents make this a piece that would be perfect above the bed or as a focal point across from the bed. The ability to hang this vertically and horizontally provides a lot of options, as does either pulling in the colors in the painting or creating a neutral backdrop for them to pop against.

For the Minimalist

I love color the same way I love black and white, and I love the idea of pairing the two together. This huge 47” x 60” piece would work well in a living room where the walls are painted white but the furniture pops in vibrant colors. The white serves as a backdrop for the darkness of the print, and a purple velvet sofa and a yellow printed chaise bring color and neutrals together in a fun way.

For the Fan of Color

If you have the space for it, this modern piece could be a real showstopper in an entryway. With a black console table and black table lamps, this piece would look fantastic against a light wood herringbone patterned floor. If you’re going to have a huge entry, might as well make it a grand one!