Kitchen Under $50

Renovating any room in your house can be expensive, and typically the most expensive room at the top of that list is the kitchen. That being said, if you’re in the mood for a little kitchen update but don’t want to spend thousands on a renovation, you can easily pick up one of the 20 items below for under $50 each. Click the image to learn more about each item. 

These canisters will look super on your counter to store coffee, tea, sugar, rice, flour or anything else you might use on a regular basis. Regardless of whether your kitchen is all white or a mix of hues, the neutral tone of these canisters will go with almost anything.

If you cook a lot, and especially a lot at once, you’re going to want to rest your hot dishes on something other than your counter, and these trivets are a bright, fun way to do that. These would also look great if you’re hosting a party and need to put out multiple hot dishes at once, and since they are cast iron, they should last you a long time.

Yeah…there was literally no way I was not going to include this. As a kid, I loved having my pancakes in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head, and if I could have had my eggs in a fun shape too, I would have. This mold is so cute and will make your breakfast plate a little more enjoyable. (Bonus: if you’re not a dog person, there is also one for cats!)

I love the look of copper pots on a pot rack in the kitchen, it all feels very “I’m a serious cook but I’m going to be so relaxed with my glass of wine while I make you a delicious meal” (just me who thinks that?), and while copper pots are a little more than the budget for this post, copper measuring spoons are not. These are a great set to make your cooking feel a little more luxe.

If you’re a big fan of Fall (and maybe Pumpkin Spice Lattes), you will likely be a fan of this spatula set. The silicone makes them long lasting, and the color will have you thinking of leaves turning as you use them throughout the year.

Let’s say you’ve just bought some new spatulas, and you’re also out of drawer space, you may want to store them on your counter. This container would look fantastic holding kitchen utensils, and with the originality of the marble, you could even use it as part of centerpiece or as a wine chiller.

Lately I have found myself wishing for some better serving tools, especially when guests come over, and this set of 4 would look fun and bright on a table. The varied sizes and shapes mean that regardless of what you’re serving, you will likely find the right utensil in this set.

Sadly, not a lot of Le Creuset items fall under our budget for this post, but this one does, and it would make a wonderful addition to your holiday table. This jar (hopefully) makes it a little bit easier to pass the gravy since you won’t have to deal with spillage from using a spoon in a dish since the spout and handle allows for easy pouring and gripping. Not only is it functional, but the ombre color will look amazing on any table.

This stand will look great in your kitchen. It’s easier to prop up your cookbook, magazine or tablet while you’re cooking, and this stand is an easy and inexpensive way to do that and keep your hands free for all that cooking and baking.

There is no shortage of pull out drawer organizers, but if you’re looking for something a little more temporary and a little less expensive, this pan organizer would work well in a wide or deep cabinet. Instead of having to stack your pots or lids, you can line them up so you can clearly and easily grab only what you need instead of lifting all the pots up to get to the one on the bottom (not that I’m saying that’s happened to me…).

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re running out of cabinet space and you’re running out of counter space, then one of the only places left in your kitchen are the walls. This magnetic spice rack will be unobtrusive hanging under cabinets or even as a focal point if you have enough spices to fill a few racks on one wall. This way your spices are easy to reach and look good while they wait to be used.

Natural edge dining tables are all the rage, and now with this cutting board, you can bring the trend to your kitchen. Not only is this cutting board great for chopping, it also would make a beautiful serving tray, say for a cheese board.

For small gatherings where you want something fancier than paper plates, this set of wooden plates would be a solid addition to your kitchen. The stand keeps the plates from falling or sliding into your cabinets, or even on your counter if you need to store them there.

Personalize your kitchen with these cute state towels. You can get one for the current state you live in, one for the state you are from, one for the state you visited and really liked…the possibilities are endless. Sadly the colors are not customizable, but since all the states are in a neutral color, there should be no problem tying them in with your existing décor.

While not for your kitchen exactly, you will likely keep this traveling mug in your kitchen, so it felt close enough to me. I have many S’well bottles, and they are amazing, and I could not be more excited about this addition to the line up. This traveler makes it easy to make a smoothie for breakfast and take it on the go, and you can always use it for anything else you’d like to take with you. If the minimalist silver isn’t speaking to you, there are more colors and sizes available on their site.

When you want something original, it’s a good idea to check Etsy. These salt and pepper shakers are hand carved and will become a focal point of your kitchen or table. Also, there is no need to worry about which one is salt and which one is pepper since the salt is in the shape of a salt crystal and the pepper is…not. You can’t go wrong really.

If you gravitate toward black and white, this oven mitt is for you. Not only that, as you’re cooking up a storm, you may feel this pattern provides a calming backdrop for any chaos that may or may not be happening in the kitchen.

Ok, it’s a little unfair that I’m using these, because I don’t know about you, but when I look at these cups, I want all 4, which puts us over $50, but it feels worth it for statement-making cups like these. You can use these for a refreshing after work drink or as a candle- or flower-holder on your table.

Nonslip and non-spill? Sold. If you’ve got a lot of ingredients to mix, you’re going to need a few bowls of varying sizes to do that. These bowls are both nonslip and non-spill, so if you find yourself aggressively whisking, your bowl won’t topple over, and that’s a win for me.

If you have a bar in or close to your kitchen and you happen to be a fan of beverages that need to be decanted, I don’t think you can go wrong with a classic crystal decanter. This one would look great paired with some simple rocks glasses and would be quite at home on a bar cart, your table or in your kitchen.